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19 Apr

Hi there, pal(s)!

Our debut, A Little Something For Everyone, is now available for digital download on CD Baby at ! It will soon be available on iTunes as well.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a physical copy of the album and a T-shirt here on online slots our site or on our Facebook StorEnvy app at . Impress your friends by flaunting your dedication to an obscure band with a chick’s name.

Check out our Shows page for two upcoming April sets. Saturday 4/21 and Thursday 4/26. Both in Hollywood. One’s all ages. Which one? Check out the shows page, lazy ass!

See ya around.


- Jarrod and the elite Hiedi Askew multimedia task force.

New Website, New Hiedi Askew

25 Mar

Welcome to the new

We’ve decided to move away from our old fancy-pants flash site in favor of this more user-friendly format that’s easily accessible by all members of the band. We’re in the process of beefing it up with content, but there’s so much that it’ll take a little time. Meanwhile, check out the two sample tracks from our upcoming album “A Little Something For Everyone” on our “Listen” page, and our brand-new video for “Bop” on our “See” page!

More to come soon!