When LA musical misfits Jason Mascow, Jarrod Moore, Nathan Glansbeek, and Christopher Stewart conjoined as Hiedi Askew, discordance ruled until they discovered their brotherhood, the bastard sons of Frank Zappa and Primus. The group’s songwriting methods are mostly convoluted, impractical and unethical. But from dissonance comes interdependent harmony, not unlike dysfunctional children sharing a playground with belligerent drunks.

Hiedi Askew’s debut album, A Little Something for Everyone, was engineered by Jason Mater, and mastered by Evren Goknar. Prog Rock masquerading as Wizard/Funk/Jazz/Punk, the recordings are visionary, fun, and almost impossible to dance to.

Art Center, College of Design-grad, and vocalist, Jason brings his psycho-inventive aesthetic to everything the band touches, from glam-carnival live performances to poster design, web and CDartwork, as well as filming and directing Hiedi Askew’s music videos. If he dared show his paintings at gigs, the band would inadvertently attract unsavory art snob hangers-on.

Bassist Glansbeek hails from Green Machine, Toby, Rumblefish, Rebus, Vivavoom, and Burlesque. Originally from Alaska, Nate won the Great Alaska Riff competition three years running, and has an uncanny ability to agree with anything, two full seconds before bluntly contradicting it.

Self-taught guitarist Jarrod “Jarmo” Moore played with Raised Under Reagan, juxtaposing his wild, energetic punk style with the winsome Southern chivalry of his home state.

Drummer Stewart served time in Sixty Cycle and The Ear Mound Shrine. Chris and Jarrod were born in the same hospital in Louisiana, cementing the band’s dexterity for the statistically anomalous.